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In South Asia, over 25 percent of the region’s population of over 2.15 billion are youth. Over the next 15 years, the region expects its share of the global youth population to grow from 28 percent to 30 percent. Even half youth are the most valuable asset of South Asia and can become the driving force for the region’s sustainable peace and socio-economic development if empowered and harnessed properly. Our youth is a potential source of development in society. In order to boost the cultural activity among
the youth, AE Bangladesh has been formulated with a vision to ensure cultural enrichment and prosperity in Bangladesh by culturally empowering the Bangladeshi youth. Since Anime Expo’s inception in 2019, it has reached out to more than thousands of culturally enthusiastic peers of all ages and walks. AE Bangladesh aims to establish a platform which will be used to nurture and further the existing unity and skillsets of likely minded peers reaching out to international platforms. It promotes a united platform of
Bangladeshi youth through exploring new ideas, networking among Bangladeshi youth and sharing diversified knowledge created by the youth of Bangladesh. It also values exchanging cultural experiences intra countries and youth from different platforms and societies.

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