Biggest Anime Convention in Bangladesh

If you love anime, manga, cosplay, or Japanese culture, you should join us at the Anime Expo Bangladesh, the country’s biggest anime convention. You will have a blast watching shows, meeting fans, and supporting local artists. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy the world of anime. Get your tickets now and have fun with us!


Anime trivia and games

You can test your knowledge and skills in various anime trivia and games, where you can challenge yourself and compete with other fans. You can answer questions, solve puzzles, identify characters, and more. You can also win prizes and bragging rights.


Cosplay contest

You can dress up as your favorite anime character and participate in the cosplay contest, where you can win prizes and recognition.


Artist alley and merchandise

You can support local artists and creators by buying their original artworks, comics, stickers, posters, and more. You can also find official merchandise from popular anime franchises, such as figures, plushies, keychains, and more.


Guest speakers and panels

You can meet and interact with famous anime voice actors, directors, producers, and writers. You can ask them questions, listen to their stories, and get insights into the anime industry. You can also join panels and discussions on various anime topics, such as themes, trends, history, and culture.

On Going Events

If you are an anime lover, you can’t afford to miss the anime extravaganza at AE BANGLADESH PRESENTS: ANIME FEST SUMMER 2024. This is the event that will make your dreams come true. You can compete in cosplay contests, see anime screenings, shop at merchandise stalls, hear from guest speakers, and more. You can also interact with other anime fans, explore new anime, express your creativity, and have a great time. Anime Expo Bangladesh 2024 is the event that will take your anime passion to the next level.

Tired of going to Conventions that feel and look exactly the same? AE decided that it was time for a change.

After much anticipation since a brief break, we at AE Bangladesh for Anime Enthusiasts are excited to bring back to you our flagship event, AE Bangladesh, which presents Anime Fest Summer 2024.
With this, we hope to reunite with all of you after a brief pause, which led us to bring back an event catering to your expectations, breaking benchmarks we have previously set.
As always, all will be to make the best of the time for our attendees!
Here’s to yet another great day of meeting with like-minded individuals shortly!

Venue: Marriott Convention Center
Date: 19th April, Friday
Time: 12pm-9pm

Past Events

If you missed the anime expo bangladesh 2022, you missed a lot of fun and excitement. The expo was a huge success, attracting thousands of anime fans from all over the country and beyond. The expo featured cosplay contests, anime screenings, merchandise stalls, guest speakers, workshops, and more. It was a celebration of anime culture and fandom, where people could express their passion and creativity.

Tired of going to Conventions that feel and look exactly the same? AE decided that it was time for a change.

Welcome to Pop Up Fest, a small-scale convention that will focus on the joy and fun of being a pop culture enthusiast by focusing on fun activities throughout the event day. Celebrate the initiation of a new era in the pop culture space on 28th Oct, at Foodplex BD

Event time: 11am-7pm
Date: 28Th October ( Saturday)
Ticket: 107Tk

Sailor Presents: Anime Fest Fall 2022

Tired of all the hyped yet not worthwhile Events? It’s finally time for you all to be revamped. As promised, AE Bangladesh is back with our signature event this October 15th.

Venue: Marriott Conventional Hall (Dhanmondi)
Ticket: 300 BDT


As promised in December, Team AE Bangladesh is extremely pleased to announce it’s third edition which will be held this 4th of June 2022. we’re back with a more spacious and better venue this time. We are glad to announce Shaheen HAll as our official venue for this edition! Throughout our event history, we’ve always prioritised our cosplayers and enthusiasts first, it will be no different this year either!

Date: JUNE 4
Ticket Price: 250 TK (will be available on-spot)

AE Bangladesh Presents: Anime Fest 2021

Since our inception in 2019 and the tremendous response and appreciation we’ve received from you all, we’ve since been counting days to reunite with all of you and offer you another great Expo! We’re finally glad to announce the date for our upcoming AnimeExpo 2021. It’s been two years since we last met and you can be rest assured that we’re coming back with the best to offer giving all of you the oportunity to decide what the true essence of a premium expo should be!

Event Date : December 17th
Ticket price: 250tk (On spot, outside the entrance gate)

Anime expo is going to be a convention for all the Anime fans worldwide, our doors will be open to any and every admirer and follower because this is going to be a convention that will soon enough be the talk of the town. This November is to be truly remembered by those in the Anime community. “Why?”, you may ask, for the first time ever Anime Expo is going to be launched on the 15th of November 2019. For anime fans, everyone has always desired for an expo where they could truly utilize their immense capabilities, craftsmanship, ideas and models and wait no more for Anime Expo will provide you with just the platform one would need for that with the right amount of focus and coverage.

Venue: Shooting Club Gulshan
Ticket: 200 BDT

Join us

We invite you to join our group and our Discord server, where you can connect with other attendees and get the latest updates on the events. This is a great opportunity to network, share your insights, and learn from others in a friendly and supportive environment.
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